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Best Marketing Tips For Boosting Travel Agency Business

Travel Agency Business – It is one of the leading businesses in today’s competitive world in generating revenue and providing unique customer service. But still few newbies are struggling to stay in the huge market place. So those new comers should adopt new strategies and ideas to attract new customers.

Here are few unique and new marketing tips for travel agency business.

1. Grab Customer’s Attention By Exclusive Offers

One of the simplest ways to increase the Return on Investment is adding exclusive offers to the new customers. For example; Offer candle light dinner for the couples or give special discount for the regular travelers. To do this in an effective way, you really need to know the personalized information about your clients. This strategy will be more effective if you use in unseasonal days.

2. Extend Your Network

This is one of the exclusive strategies to grow your business with partners to explore yourself. Business partners can join hands with you to reach new customers, new marketplace and many more. But still it is quiet difficult to make a new partner, it mainly demands for loyal and mutual understandings. If this strategy works out means you can expect better ROI.

3. Promote your product/Service in an unique way

Don’t follow your competitors, set a unique idea or provide or a customer friendly service because Customers Are King! Ask them to write review about service and allow them to share their personal experience in the social media platform. This can more effective since they will feel happy to be asked for experience and meanwhile you will get valuable information. This can helpful in creating unique ideas.

4. Don’t Be A Seller!!

Always don’t think to target the new customers and offering them special offers. You should give more attention towards existing customers also. As per the survey, more than 70% of existing customers will be ready to buy your service compared to new customers. So try to establish a communication with them by sending personalized mails, frequent updates about your service and many more. But it should not be annoying to them.

5. Connect With travel niche

One most common way to get succeed in the travel agency is establishing yourself in niche market. It doesn’t need to be complicated or rare market place. This means you are selling new thing that no sells or that your product is unique. So specialize in a certain demographic area, type of business, destination and so on.

6. Build Social Media Platform

Nowadays most of the people get united on social media platform and communicate with the people, share their experience and reviews…etc by posting pictures, videos or status. This information can be utilized by travel agencies to promote their service and encourage them to follow you. So use this simple strategy to get more conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Every year, I build predictions regarding what the approaching year’s potential developments within the world of social media marketing. and each year, I even have to remember and chuckle in the slightest degree the those that claimed social promoting was simply a fad-as very little as a couple of years agone.

It’s clear currently that social media promoting is here to remain, and its huge endurance is as a result of one key characteristic-the incontrovertible fact that social media keeps evolving. It responds to new technical school like mobile devices, perpetually exceeds users’ expectations, and competes at intervals itself to bring us a lot of and higher options.

So what will 2017 have future for us social media marketers?

1. Snap’s Evolution can lead to attention-grabbing New Opportunities.

First up, I’d wish to mention the large evolution Snapchat-now referred to as Snap-has undergone, and whereverit’s going to be headed within the future. Already, Snap has remodeled user expectations and major trends within the social promoting world. It’s helped bring back a a lot of moment-focused read of communication, resulting in a lot of in-the-moment and live content, it’s expedited a lot of mobile-centric app developments, and it’s introduced vertical videos into the thought. But now, it’s trying to develop merchandise outside its main means that of exchanging messages, introducing real-world glasses to assist users capture first-person visual info. Expect massive things from this recently-renamed company in 2017, and big promoting opportunities to travel together with them.

2. Twitter Fatigue can Worsen.

Twitter isn’t doing therefore hot. individuals are predicting the death of Twitter for the past few years, however I’m not here to mention whether or not or not Twitter’s planning to survive another year (it most likely will). Instead, I’d wish to illustrate one potential issue for the app’s decline, what I decision “Twitter fatigue.” Twitter designed itself on quick, bite-sized updates, however this results in a barrage of each incoming and outgoing tweets. This was novel and exciting initially, however currently users ar getting down to crave one thing different-bigger, a lot of elaborate, a lot of attention-grabbing items of content that roll out slower, like once per day. you’ll be able to see this trend grasping already in platforms like Instagram.

3. Users can Crave additional Vicarious Experiences.

People are getting down to demand social media as a passage for additional vicarious experiences. It’s now not enough to post your sentiments concerning associate degree event; you have got to point out your users what it’s wish to be there. you’ll be able to do that with things like live video, 360 pictures and video, and even simplyadditional period of time posting. the concept is to create your users desire they’re a real a part of the expertise, as it’s evolution.

4. New Areas of Communication can Emerge.

Historically, social media existed as the simplest way for individual individuals to speak on-line. once brands caught on, it conjointly became the simplest way for brands to talk to and advertise to shoppers. But now, social media is evolving in new communicative areas. Some platforms area unit giving suggests that of client service, increasing the importance and interactivity of exchanges between brands and shoppers. Others, like Facebook, area unit delving into additional skilled communication. Expect to check additional diversity here as additional brands catch onto the potential.

5. a billboard Renaissance can Occur.

Organic visibility has been declining for a moment currently, as platforms strive job to individual users over firms and organizations. however the secondary profit for social platforms is that it forces a lot of firms to dabble in paid advertising. exaggerated competition and pressure to become (or remain) profitable have additionally forced social platforms to come back up with a lot of ingenious and inventive advertising choices for businesses. the mix of those factors might cause a replacement advance in social media advertising in 2017.

6. Inspiration and Imagination can Become trendy.

Practical posts get lots of client attention. showing emotion charged posts have a bigger chance of current virally. however sacred and ingenious posts square measure commencing to build their appearances as even stronger candidates for social media success. These square measure usually inventive in nature, giving users one thing “pretty” as critical one thing pragmatic or reactive. It additionally forces a separation from any quite company positioning or subdued advertising, giving users one thing really valuable. In 2017, it’ll be valuable to forgo some pretense here, and simply post stunning pictures or sentiments.

7. Brands can opt for Social Platforms consistent with Survival of the Fittest.

Every year, new social media platforms emerge to do and disrupt the establishment or notice their place among the heavy-hitters of the social media world. however clearly, entrepreneurs and marketers can’t climb on each single platform that comes on. Instead, in 2017, we’ll see a lot of of a trend toward refinement; instead of outlay equal effort on 5 completely different platforms, a lot of businesses can notice one platform that works particularly well for them, and slim their specialise in it. As a result, we have a tendency to might even see bigger stratification between the key platforms of our era.

These square measure a number of the foremost vital trends I forecast for social media in 2017. It’s about to staya robust branch for any content or SEO strategy, and may be a must-have for any business trying to promote themselves on a stinting budget.

You don’t ought to incorporate of these trends into your strategy for the approaching year, however there’s a decent likelihood you’ll stand to profit from a minimum of dabbling and experimenting with them.

Marketing Ideas For Companies Having Low Budget

There are not many players in the corporate arena who has not a big budget kept for promotional purpose. If you are one of them then reading this article will surely be beneficial. There is no dearth of small budget marketing tactics that can give you same benefit like the big promotional plans. Take a look at the marketing ideas that will give solid marketing benefits.

  • Lively Content

The importance of a great content cannot be ignored at all. The marketing companies can create great content for you that will ultimately give benefit to a client. The specialists will create something of lively content having solid tips and promotions related with your company.

  • Great Visualisations

After lively content, the next important thing is instructional videos. Marketing specialists know about techniques that can produce great videos and they will upload it in YouTube and other video uploading sites.

  • Using the Social Networking Sites

Creating social accounts and be part of Social Media platforms are part of social media campaigns that is generally handled by specialists of marketing companies. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, now these SMO specialists can create marketing ideas for a company that will be ultimately beneficial for a company.

  • Great Advertising Strategy

In the field of paid advertising, the specialists from marketing field can help you very well. These specialists will try their best for engaging the clients with colourful photography, visual resources along with great content.

  • Use the Infographics

Currently, the infographics has turned into a powerful marketing tool. Infographics are basically visual presentation that will ultimately help the clients. Easy to digest and people love to share them with their friends. With infographics, companies can turn their business driving with traffics and links.

  • Reviving the Old Data

If the marketing budget of a company is tight then reviving the old information will come in handy for you. It is not always affordable for a company to hire content writers on a regular basis and make them work for then. In this time, reviving the old data is the most affordable option.

  • Start Online Contests

Starting online contests for the customers is another engaging process that marketing specialists generally use for years. Though arranging contests mean you have to pay some money for giving prizes but ultimately the return of investment is big as the company then have contacts with many potential customers.

  • The Business Cards

From the start of marketing era, business cards are always a primary strategy for marketing related purpose. The promoting specialists will take up in their shoulder the huge task of printing attractive business cards and then distribute them among potential business consumers.

How Do Food Business Succeed in Marketing?

Food businesses are facing problems in marketing the products. A stiff competition has started among the companies to reach to potential customers and achieve success in marketing. Modern strategies are required to create campaigns as per standard to get qualified leads and increase conversions. Dedicated campaigns and strategies are essential to reach to right audience. Take services from an industry expert who has experience in handling in related projects.

Traditional marketing methods no longer effective in bringing traffic and sales for companies. Effective marketing campaigns are needed to allure consumers and bring in the conversion funnel. For that, business needs to stand out among competitors in the market. A business having the best products and campaign can succeed in the marketing these days. Let us look at the tips useful to increase sales of food commodities in the competitive market.

Necessity of Alluring Packaging Design for Products

A packet is an indispensable thing that helps in protecting the inside products from bacterial decomposition and environmental changes. Keeping the products airtight helps in maintaining the foods in a safe condition for a long time. In this way, the shelf-life of the products increase.

A robust package design can help in transportation, storages, and stacking. A good percentage of consumer love reusing the packet which helps in creating loyal customers. In this way, brands can experience a substantial increase in sales of products.

Packets are the first things that consumers interact with and look at before buying. Packaging designs can be used as an important tool in conveying messages effectively. It is useful in influencing the buying decision of consumers at the point of sales. Food and beverage packaging design need to be taken from expert designers having experience in this field. Add relevant features and graphical images to create more engagement with potential consumers.

An effective package design delivers incredible results in marketing the products in the marketing. Mention the nutritional facts in the packet to win the confidence and increase traffic. Nobody loves to buy products without knowing that it’s completely safe.

Take Branding Services from Experts

Branding is an integral part of marketing the food products in the market. Businesses need to create awareness about the products or services before launching in the market. Social media are useful in creating recognition and identity of goods. But the success of the campaigns depends upon reach and setting the platform for companies. Food branding enables the brands to offer personality to products which increase sales later. Marketing experts need to be employed for this work to create an effective campaign with a higher reach and sales. Both online and offline campaigns can be set to build up recognition among potential customers. The exhibition, promotional events, discount coupons, etc. work wonder in creating recognition among the customers.

Take Services from Industry Experts

Food marketing has changed a lot from traditional methods to latest paid advertising. Many of the food marketers are still sticking with traditional methods but receiving no encouraging result. It is essential to change strategies as per demands of consumers in the market. Take food marketing services from industry experts having proven strategies to deliver success. Contact us to take services from our experts at an affordable price.

The author is presently working in Splashsys Company as a content writer. He enjoys writing about education, tourism, science and technology. In this article, he has explained the importance of food marketing services which helps in increasing sales of food products.

Top 5 Trends To Driving The Future Of Marketing

No doubt, marketers always dive into the future to predict the next big trend that boosts their brand to the next higher level. You should shape your marketing strategies to keep them updated and healthy, so, it can work for your business. It is a little bit complex to understand but not impossible of course. It’s almost the end of the year and it’s high time to focus on your efforts. With this keep in mind, plan something new and big for the upcoming year and these top 5 trends mentioned here helps you in driving the future of marketing.

Mobile Will Hit A New Milestone: Yes, you heard it right, mobile is the new future of marketing that allowed you to expand your business and drive more sales and traffic. So, this year you should also shift your focus from screen to mobile now to touch the new heights in your business.

Content Will Remain King: Needless to say, Content is, was and will remain the king of marketing. It grabs the attention of search engines and visitors as well to your website. In the coming up year, you have to be more focused on the quality content because this is the only thing that takes you to the success.

Customer Experience Still Matters A Lot: No doubt, customers now have more options than ever before and drive them to your website totally depend upon their experience, which still matters a lot. So take a little bit extra pain to provide best and never before customer experience, which holds them to your business for a longer time.

Social Media Becomes The Next Internet: Nowadays, everyone is online and social media platforms now become the integral part of our lives. If you want to get the ball in your court in the coming up year, so, take the help of social media because it will give you the best result than ever.

Brand Must Get Really Personal: Building a professional relationship with the customer is the one thing and understanding their need and do best to fulfill them is another, so, you should focus on it. This year brand must get really personal, so, it can win the loyalty of the customer and give them a reason to get connected with you.

Marketing Methods in Chemical Industry

It is well known that the sales is important for a magnesium oxide manufacturer. The better product can not be sell-out if there was no sale. Now, let us talk about the steps and the methods in the chemical industry:

1. Familiar with product

From the product applications, the chemical products can be divided into some several categories, such as organic raw material, chemical reagent, chemical ore, agricultural chemicals, paint and coating, pigment and dye, food additive and feed additive, perfumes and essences, adhesive, midbody, medicine and biochemical engineering, inorganic chemical industry, catalyst and auxiliary, daily-use chemical industry, polymer, chemical equipment, petrochemical engineering, chemical packing and others. Each category can be divided into several subclasses. In order to do well in sales, you must analyze specific products carefully. Only know the details can you promote product.

2.Enlarging propagation

Focus on promote new products through using current journal medium. You should strengthen internet publication, for example, integrate into internet market and explore new business through releasing the products. At the same time, you should attend some good professional exhibitions and attach more upstream and downstream firms.

3. Understand the requirement

The target customers of chemical products across various departments, such as chemical, petroleum, medicine, energy sources, metallurgy, food, light industry, material, environmental protection, etc. Therefore, you should explore the distribution channel and potential customer base.

4. Master information

You should hear and see more from the front line, and get in touch with the professional chemical websites.

5. Give full play to superiority

You should give full play to superiority, such as the brand advantage, the information advantage, the import and export advantage and so on.

6. Complete documents

The organic chemical product refers to many dangerous cargo. Therefore, you should know related regulations of sales, store and transportation. The better operation system can bring stable development.

In general, as a matter of fact, the sales remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes. The magnesium oxide manufacturer is same as it. You should understand the market, find out main product and target consumers. And then, you can promote it at appropriate times after find out each breakthrough point from every customer.

How Do Emotions Impact Marketing?

One of my new favorite books that is based on human emotions discusses the use of emotional intelligence which I have written about in previous articles. By making a person know more about their own emotions that person can then predict why other people feel the way they do.

Everything comes from experience. A positive experience will yield a positive feeling. In contrast, a negative experience will yield the negative emotion that they do not want to feel again.

If you think about your past you can see why you enjoy certain activities while you stay away from others. For me I love martial arts. It has instilled a thought process that I follow-on a daily basis. It is something that has grown into a passion. The reason this occurred was because of my first martial art instructor.

Let me give you a small piece of history. I had heart surgery as an infant. This stopped me from many activities like contact sports. I was not able to enjoy the same sports as my friends. By the time I was twelve my mother decided it was time to allow me to do martial arts. She actually closed her eyes and pointed to a name in a phone book. She didn’t know how to choose an instructor. When she spoke with the instructor he explained how I could still do martial arts even with my medical problems.

When I started I feel like this was a turning point in my life. It became such a positive emotion that it caused a butterfly effect in my entire life. This can be done when you are working with clients. Give them a good feeling. Give them positive emotion. Give them enough information that they want to feel strongly about what they are about to do.

How do you build positive emotions in people?

First find out how to relate to someone. Figure out what makes them tick. Ask questions. The more questions you can ask someone the better you will be able to understand where that person is coming from.

A clear example could be if you ran into a person like me this is what you would find. I love my family. Everything I do is to further my family. Because of this if a person wanted to sell me something they would want to make me understand how it would help my family. Each person has something that they can associate positive feelings toward.

Use these emotions to bring out the most positive influence. This happens in any form of marketing you are in. Think about your product. Now write down all of the different ways it can help people. Now that you have these written down when you speak with a potential client and they hit upon one of your points you can then persuade them why your product can help them in that specific area of their life.

What Does Direct Marketing Cost?

For the purpose of this article we will be talking about direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing. With direct mail, you can mail out a simple letter, a colourful postcard or small package with a sample of your product. Telemarketing allows you to speak directly to your prospects and inform them of your product or service. An email campaign can be as simple or elaborate as you want, providing your prospects with quick links to your website.

You can also try to do all three! The key to marketing is repetition. By reaching out to your prospects using different marketing methods, you strengthen your initial message. This also gives your prospects a variety of ways to respond, which will improve response rates.

Of course, the costs associated with each direct marketing method will vary for each form. Regardless of the form you choose, there are a few things to think about when setting a budget for your direct marketing campaign.

The first cost is going to be the list you use. Unfortunately, there is no absolute cost to a direct marketing list. Your list cost is going to vary based on what type (mail vs telemarketing vs email) of list it is, how many records are on the list, what data elements it contains (how targeted it is) and how it was sourced (compiled, subscriber, direct source, etc). There is also variance in costs from one list owner to another as their compilation methods vary as well as cost and procedure involved in maintaining the accuracy of the data.

Based on list type, a mailing list is usually cheaper than a telemarketing list as it’s just a name and mailing address. A telemarketing list will have name, mailing address as well as a phone number. The extra cost for the telemarketing list is the extra element of the phone number.

An email list than has name, mailing address and email address will normally also be more than a simple mailing lists. There are email lists that contain just name and email address, and these tend be cheaper. Depending on what kind of marketing campaign you are planning, you might want to steer clear of these email lists as the sourcing of this information might not be entirely reliable.

The more records on a direct marketing list, the cheaper the cost per record. For example, you may pay $.05 per record when purchasing a mailing list with 5,000 names. That same list could cost $.02 per records if you purchase 1,000,000 names. This is because list owners will offer volume discounts.

List owners also impose list minimums. If the number of records falls under their minimum, they will charge a flat rate. This means if they charge $250 for a minimum thousand records, and you only want 500 records, you will still have to pay the $250 minimum.

If you want more targeted lists, or specialty lists, these will cost a bit more. In general, the more data elements, the greater the cost. A simple list of females in Seattle is going to cost less than a list of female nurses in Seattle with a good credit rating who own cats. Although a finely targeted list may cost more, they should perform better than a broadly targeted list. You will have to determine if the added cost is worth the improved response rates.

After the cost of the list, the next expense will be the delivery of your message.

If you choose to send your message out by direct mail, you will have to take the cost of printing and postage into account. By using postcards instead of envelopes, you can almost cut your postage rate in half. If you purchase a large enough mailing list. you can mail out en masse, allowing you to qualify for bulk rates.

If you decide to use telemarketing, the size of your telemarketing list will help determine the cost of your campaign. If your list has only 1,000 names you can probably call the list yourself, keeping the telemarketing campaign in house, which will obviously keep the costs down. If you are working with a large telemarketing list, you might want to consider contacting a call center. A single caller at a call center typically makes around 100 calls per 4-hour shift. Of course you’ll have to pay for the service.

The costs associated with an email marketing campaign are probably some of the lowest. You will have two options, you can either purchase an email list and send the emails out yourself or you can have the list owner deploy the list on your behalf. The size and the frequency of the emails should help you decide which option is best for you. If you plan on emailing to the list very frequently, it would be more cost effective to send them out yourself. However, if you plan on sending out to a large list you might want the list owner to send out the emails on your behalf as they have dedicated servers that are whitelisted allowing for better deliverability.

As mentioned before, there is no straight answer to what a direct marketing campaign is going to cost. It’s like going to a car lot and asking what a car costs. There are many variables that go into the cost of a car – year, make, model, etc. It is the same is with direct marketing. The best advice is to find a knowledgeable list broker who can explain all of these options and help figure out the best direct marketing campaign that will work for you. List brokers don’t charge for their services and will know which is the most cost effective method of direct marketing for your product or service.

How to Make Direct Mail Marketing Work in a Digital Age

Does anyone actually still send mail, not emails but real paper mail? Yes! And it works! Direct mail marketing has a higher response rate than email marketing. Think about it, you’re more likely to get all of the mail from your mailbox on a daily basis then you are to open every email. If you’re anything like me most of your emails get deleted before they’re ever opened. You’re probably thinking how most of the marketing mail from your mailbox is also thrown away before it is ever opened and that’s where I may offer you some help!

First, I want you to consider who you are marketing to. Is it anyone and everyone you could get an address for? How many other people are marketing to those same people? Focus on your target audience. Market to an audience that’s exclusive to you; make sure your records are from a suppressed data source. Our data is suppressed for 6 months! Your list is exclusive to YOU! We won’t sell your list to anyone else which means your name will be the only one they see. Also, consider who exactly you want to target. We can add a multitude of filters to your list that will help to hone in on exactly who would be interested in what you have to offer. For example, a real estate investor is looking to market to an audience of sellers, people who are willing and/or looking to sell their properties. In order to find those people we add filters; how long ago did they purchase the property? Do they still currently live in it? Are they retired or planning to retire soon? Do they have extra properties they may be looking to liquidate? How much equity do they have in the home? How much is it worth? All of these questions are going to help narrow your audience to one that works!

Second thing to consider, what are you mailing? If it’s your typical white envelope, maybe windowed with a generic typed font showing through, with a piece of mail that looks eerily similar to every other piece of junk in your mailbox chances of it going directly to the trash are VERY high. Half the battle is getting your mailer opened. So how do you get people to open it, yet alone read it? How does a hand addressed, invitation sized envelope sound? If you’re thumbing through the mail at the end of the day do you think you’ll open that plain white windowed envelope with Times New Roman font showing your name OR a small invitation sized envelope with a real person’s hand writing? More than likely that envelope that looks personalized as though you may be invited to a party is going to be the first thing you open. You did it! You’ve won half the battle! Now let them read what you have to say.

Is your mailer a long drawn out whole sheet, maybe two sheets, of paper? Trash can. Keep in mind when most people are going through the mail; after a long day at work, maybe they’ve made dinner and done the dishes and they’re wore out. The last thing people want to read is a small font, LONG letter. Keep it short. Say what you need to say in the fewest words possible. Let’s face it once they open the envelope and realize it’s not an invitation to a birthday party they’re probably going to be slightly disappointed and only willing to read a short message. Also, are you going to have that letter on plain white paper with the same generic typed font as every other piece of mail? Trash can. Try a Yellow Letter! Yellow Letters are printed on lined paper like a piece of legal pad paper. We use a variable font, this means each individual letter in the font was written by a real person and then loaded onto our software so every “a” looks a little different than the next. These letters are personalized; remember that list we narrowed down for you? Each letter is addressed to the individual “Dear Jim,” which stands out from any generic mailer. There are also other fields that can be merged, such as their property address if you’re looking to buy their home, their city if you’re marketing to the area, anything that helps to personalize your message helps you stand out. Most importantly you want them to remember your name, and what better way to do so then to personally market to them.

The Many Colors of Direct Mail Marketing

Are you looking for a small change to make in your direct mail marketing campaign that could render a bigger response rate? How about a different color envelope? There are many options for the color of envelope you choose! If your yellow letter campaign isn’t giving you the response rate you would like then switching something up is definitely worth a shot. Maybe you’re a skeptic and you think everyone has figured out these yellow letters, with the red font and the ivory invitation style envelope. Well then try a blue or gray envelope with blue or black ink, or a pink envelope. Change it up; keep your audience opening their yellow letters. What about coordinating your envelope color with the season or the holidays? Use orange for the fall, green or red for the holiday season, pink or blue or purple for the spring time.

Thinking about putting your campaign on pause through the holidays? Keep them mailing, here’s why – Things slow down. Think I’m crazy for saying so? I don’t blame you it does sound absurd but hear me out. Of course everyone is super busy during the holidays but if you think about it most of that time is busy because it’s filled with shopping and decorating, parties and family, but not typically with business. Someone that is looking to sell their house is STILL looking to do so in the winter season. If you can you should keep your mailer going. Tis the season for Christmas cards and when your audience receives an invitation style envelope, green or red, hand addressed with a sticky holiday postage stamp… They’ll open it. Not to mention you may be the only one that still reaches out, while everyone else is taking a break you’ll be the prospective buyer that is still there which means you’ll get their phone call and hopefully their available property!

Even after the holiday season has passed increase your response rate in the spring with a brightly colored, hand-addressed envelope to catch their attention and brighten up their mailbox. Making a small change like different color envelopes during different times of the year can really affect your response rate. Add a return address label with a seasonally appropriate picture on it, a sticky stamp and a real person’s hand writing and boy you’ve got yourself a campaign for success. Let the calls start ringing in!